Saturday, October 1, 2011

No more fungus among us

I hadn't seen Mr. H., a 63 year old, for about 6 months.

He looked great.

He had lost over 50 pounds and mentioned he had a girlfriend for the first time in over 10 years ago.

Mr. H.: Thanks for helping to get my confidence back.

Me: (I actually had no idea what he was talking about) I'm real happy things are going well with you.

Mr. H.: I'm glad you asked me if I would like to treat the fungus in my fingernails when I saw you last year.

Now I remembered. About a year ago, he had come in for a follow-up on his blood pressure. For the first time, I noticed he was sitting with his fingers, of both hands, curled up in a fist. At first I thought he was just tense, but when I went to check his pulse I noticed most of his fingernails had significant onychomycosis. I asked him if he would like treatment for the fungus. He agreed. On follow-up, 6 weeks later, you could see the demarcation beginning between the normal and the abnormal nails growing out. I hadn't seen him since.

Mr. H.: I didn't want to socialize because of my fingernails. I didn't go the church. I felt embarrassed to shake hands. I didn't want to go on a date. I didn't think anything could be done. I've been exercising, eating better and met a great gal.

Now that sure made my day!

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