Friday, September 30, 2011

Tell me what you really think?

This is an actual quote from an 83 year old male ( 83 year old) with a thick New York accent (the word "frickin" will be substituted for the actual word used):

"I have a frickin problem. The fricken 60 mg heart pill that I take twice a day has taken away my frickin ability to have sex. I looked it up and it's a blocker (a calcium channel blocker). It's blockin my ability to get one (he then raises his arm with a fist to simulate what he can't get anymore). I'd rather be frickin dead. I basically live for sex and food. I love my gal so much and like to have sex twice a day, everyday. I even took Viagra but all it did was give me a frickin headache. You gotta change that frickin medication. I need to frickin get back in action."

I let him know I would do my frickin best to help (actually, everything except the frickin part).

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