Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An attitude adjustment

Mr. T. is a 65 year old male who seems to really enjoy life.

His hobbie is wood working and he shows his products at a number of different craft shows in our area.

He seemed to be in a particularly good mood when I saw him recently and commented to him about it.

Mr. T.: I just had a great weekend. You should've seen the joy on the face of these two kids when their parents bought a Fort I had made.

Me: How did you make it?

Mr. T.: I had a couple of bags of Popsicle sticks that I wasn't using for anything and decided to try and build a Fort. I didn't have any plans, just started building it. By the time I was finished it was complete with a wall around it, watch towers, walkways and even swinging gates. I went to the dollar store and was able to get some toy soldiers to glue at different spots. It looked great when it was done.

Me: Did you take a picture of it before you sold it?

Mr. T.: No, I should have.

Me: How long did it take to build?

Mr. T.: Just a few days. Almost cut off the end of my fingers a few times with the Exacto knife. It's a lot harder to cut the Popsicle sticks than you would think just looking at them.

Me: How much did you sell it for?

Mr. T.: $20. It was my only sale for the day but it helped to pay for the booth for the weekend.

Me: That's great.

You know, it had been a hectic day and I was in sort of a bad mood before spending time with Mr. T.. Seeing the joy he experienced with his $20 sale sure helped give me an attitude adjustment.

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