Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spoken (unspoken)

Nurse: Your 8 AM patient is ready to see you now.

Me: That's great (since it's almost 9 AM).

A little later...

Nurse: I just roomed your third 9 AM appointment.

Me: OK (too bad we don't have more folks to put in the same time slot).

A little later...

Nurse: Are you ready to see your 10 AM appointment?

Me: Sure am (especially since it's 10:55 AM).

A little later...

Nurse: Doctor ___ had to leave urgently on a family emergency. Can you see his patients for him?

Me: No problem (just let me check to see if my clone is available to help).

A little later...

Nurse: I need you right away in the treatment room; Mr. ___ is complaining of crushing chest pain. He didn't call 911 as he was advised to when he called from home.

Me: I'm coming (so I can do my best impersonation of an ER doc).

And so starts the beginning of another week seeing patients.

Over the years, I've always just tried to operate under the assumption that most days in the office are going to be controlled chaos.

When it's not, it's a bonus.

No one ever said being a primary care physician would be easy.

Just try to limit your sarcasm (to under your breath, unspoken, comments) and always pack a lunch to eat between seeing scheduled and unscheduled patients.

No matter how crazy things are, it still gives gives me a lot of satisfaction and job security (and also gives me plenty of ideas for this blog).

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