Friday, January 31, 2014


We keep track of falls. Sometimes it hard to determine exactly what constitutes a fall. For example, if a person slides out of a chair and lands on the ground, is that really a fall?

I asked if anyone had an official definition and, sure enough, they did.

A fall is:  Loss of upright position that results in landing on the floor, ground, or an object or furniture, or a sudden, uncontrolled, unintentional, non-purposeful, downward displacement of the body to the floor/ground or hitting another object like a chair or stair; excluding falls resulting from violent blows or other purposeful actions.

A slide out of a chair therefore represents a fall.

I'm still a little confused.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anniversary bling times two

Mr. and Mrs. G have been married 63 years and have had 126 wedding anniversaries.

"Why? " I asked.

"We got married while I was stationed in Japan on December 28th at the American consulate but it wasn't recorded by the Bureau of statistics until January 5th because the offices were closed for the holidays."

"It's been pretty nice. We've celebrated twice each year with a cake and a gift to mark the anniversary of both dates."

I noticed that Mrs. G. wore a lot of jewelry when I arrived.

Now I know why.

She owns a lot of jewelry.