Sunday, September 25, 2011

His good name

Darrell P. is 52 year old male who just moved to Florida, from New Jersey, to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren.

He let me know he was going to start a business down here.

He had a heating/air conditioning business up north.

He was studying for the state licensing exam since every state has slightly different rules and regulations.

Me: What are you going to call your company?

Darrell P.: Darrell's Heating and Air Conditioning, just like it was up north.

Me: How did you come up with such an original name?

Darrell P.: Oh, I just (he then saw me smiling)'re busting my chops aren't you (he then smiled)?

Me: Actually, I can't think of a better name.

Darrell P.: Thanks. You know, I've never had to advertise. I've always had such a good reputation that all my business comes from referrals. I know I'll just need to get my first job down here and then my business will start rolling. My motto has always been "we will make you smile." My customers knew I would always take care of them and always make things right. I'm proud to have my name on my company.

Me: You should be. Thanks.

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