Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three balls

It was a lot of fun to meet Dr. R., a 74 year old dentist, who still saw patients three days a week and still had a great sense of humor.

Prior to going into private practice he had a 27 year military career.

During the medical history he noted that his only past injury was when he got kicked in the testicles as a teenager.

Dr. R.: Ever since then I've had three balls (of course one was an organized hematoma). In college my frat brothers always called me quarter dozen (he laughed).

Quick math: A quarter of a dozen is three.

It took me a second to do the math.

Me: How did they find out? What were they doing checking out your scrotum?

Dr. R.: I had a little too much to drink one night and let it slip.

During the review of systems he remarked that he was finally ready to be evaluated for hearing aids.

Me: Is it bothering your wife (often it's the spouse that seems to "encourage" men to get hearing aids)?

Dr. R.: No, she has bad hearing also. We just now think each others name is What.

He laughed.

So did I.

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