Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guilt free results

A 63 year old male was having a problem.

He met his new girlfriend on the Internet months ago and they had already shared many great weekends.

They hadn't attempted to be intimate until recently.

When they did he wasn't able to perform.

"It" had NEVER happened to him before.

He wanted a prescription for Viagra.

He reported being attracted to her.

He reported respectful communication.

He didn't feel threatened or intimated by her.

I finally asked if he felt guilty about anything (I couldn't think of any other questions to ask).

He said she's 53 years old and she thinks he's 53 years old.

He lied to her the first time they communicated on the Internet and hadn't come clean since.

He actually could have passed for 53 years old.

I told him that.

I let him know he didn't need Viagra.

He just needed to tell her the truth.

He stopped by three weeks later to briefly talk.

He was able to tell her and his apology was graciously accepted.

They were still together.

He also let me know that all was back to "normal."

He did not need Viagra.

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