Thursday, September 1, 2011

I bet...

A 61 y/o man came in for an exam and his wife was with him.

She introduced herself as "his second wife."

When he took off his shirt he had a tattoo that spanned his entire back.

I was able to get a good look at it while listening to his breath sounds.

The tattoo was a naked woman, standing, with her hands on her hips, wearing high heels.

On the tattoo, over the left breast, there was a tattoo of man's face over top of the Air Force insignia (it was a tattoo on the tattoo).

Under the entire tattoo was the name "Mary."

The tattoo and the tattoo on the tattoo (confused yet?) had a remarkable resemblance to the folks with me in the exam room (the patient and his wife).

Me (looking at his second wife): I bet your name is Mary and that you have a tattoo on a private part of your body and (looking at the patient) thanks for your service in the Air Force.

Both laughed after confirming my statement.

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