Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gut check

My wife and I started a "fit camp" last night at the YMCA.

It will meet for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday night for 8 weeks.

I try to exercise weekday mornings at the same "Y" from 5:30-6:15 AM and thought I was in decent shape.

However, after doing the initial assessment last evening it's crystal clear I need to:

1. Lose weight (after tipping the scale at 240 pounds)

2. Increase my upper leg strength (was only able to "wall sit" for a little over a minute-not good)

3. Improve my core strength (was also only able to hold the plank position for a little over a minute-pretty pathetic!)

I'll report an update periodically.

I'll have to figure out if/when to call upon my many previous orthopedic injuries/interventions for an excuse if a particular exercise is too painful.

I'll also need to actually start exercising to a level that makes me sweat again. goal weight in 8 weeks will be 225 pounds. Hopefully now that it's "out there", I'll have some extra motivation to stop snacking so much!

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