Friday, August 19, 2011

Work Zzzz's

A 41 y/o male was upset because he was just fired from his job working with a security company.

He worked the graveyard shift at a rental complex.

Me: Why were you fired?

Patient: Because my boss found me sleeping on the job.

Me: You were the night watchman?

Patient: Yeah, but there wasn't much to watch so it was hard to keep awake.

Me: Didn't they give you a second chance.

Patient: Yeah, they didn't fire me until it happened for the third time.

Me: Are you looking for another job?

Patient: Yeah, I hoping to catch on with another company doing the same thing.

Me: You still want to work the same hours?

Patient: Yeah, I seem to work best at that time of the day.

He didn't laugh or smile. I didn't either and decided to just move on to a more arousing topic.

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