Monday, August 29, 2011

Not a great start to the week

Mr. B. has been a challenging patient over the years.

He has chronic hepatitis C, cirrhosis, is awaiting a liver transplant and also has chronic non-cancer pain due to degenerative joint disease.

He has been on narcotics for pain after trials of other medications were not successful.

His son has been his caregiver.

I was always very impressed by his son.

He seemed genuinely concerned about his Dad and always said all the right things.

I came in today to a fax that was received over the weekend from the local police department.

His son was caught diverting his fathers pain medications to himself and possibly others through selling.

There will be a further investigation.

My name is on all the prescription bottles, of course.

Joy, joy.

Just another reminder, unfortunately, of the world we live in and also why health care professionals are often so ambivalent in taking care of chronic pain patients.

This is not the first time I have been burned.

Burned once-shame on you.

Burned twice-shame on me!

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