Sunday, August 28, 2011

You are welcome

My kids (aged 15 and 16) have been attending a church sponsored youth group on Sunday nights.

Both are very independent and have been very cautious in making and maintaining close friends over the years.

So far, they each have a few close friends who seem to be "low maintanence" and who also seem to make good choices.

My wife and I have been pleasantly surprised how much they enjoy the youth group.

Recently my daughter let us know that "everyone is just so nice. Usually, when you walk into a group of kids everyone just seems to be standing there, not really interacting other than with their closest friends, or you feel like you are being judged on what you look like or on the clothes you're wearing. At the youth group everyone says "HEY" the second you walk in and seems genuingly interested in you as a person."

The youth group leaders and other long term members have done a great job.

It's awesome to be that welcome.

I wish I could attend!

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