Friday, September 23, 2011

What's next?

I have an 86 year old patient who is always brought to appointments by his 64 year old daughter.

She's a beautiful women but always seems to have had some more "work" done on herself every time she brings her Dad to see me.

She had a face lift a few years ago.

She has fake eyebrows as a result of the face lift.

She then had her neck done since it looked odd next to her perfectly smooth face.

Her large breast implants are usually accentuated by her choice of shirts.

Recently she came in with new, bright white, perfect teeth.

Even more recently she came in wearing post-op boots on both feet.

She had some of her toes straightened.

She has made comments about not being sure what she is going to have done next.

These comments are usually intermixed amongst statements made about her Dads medications being too expensive.

I usually just nod my head but, honestly, I'm quietly wondering what's going on in her personal life.

I haven't asked her since she isn't my patient.

I haven't told her she was a beautiful women before she started having all her work done since it might be deemed inappropriate.

I'll just wait until she brings her Dad in for his next visit to look for the new bandages.

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