Tuesday, October 18, 2011

His only assignment

A 26 year old male recently came in for his first visit.

He was 6 foot and weighed exactly 300 pounds.

He was married, had 4 daughters and a fifth (the ultrasound had confirmed another girl) on the way.

He worked and they were living with his in-laws in order to save up some money to try and buy their first home.

He reported that he and his wife had a great relationship and that they got along great with his in-laws.

He medically retired from the military one and 1/2 years ago, when he weighed 223 pounds, due to knee problems.

He had gained 77 pounds in approximately 18 months!

I let him know I would do everything possible to help him.

We talked about many approaches to weight loss, including the obvious; diet and exercise (I never include gastric reduction options initially).

I let him know he had a stressful life and it's great he works hard and is a family man.

I decided to keep things simple to start.

His only assignment until the next appointment was as follows:

#1. Buy a scale

#2. Do NOT gain any more weight.

He agreed.

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