Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't retire unless you have a new passion (that's actually worthwhile)

I lived in a town house for awhile, years ago (I was still a bachelor).

We had a home owners association.

Rudy, a retired elderly man, was the president.

I had an approximate 6 X 6 foot front lawn (as did everyone else) and was responsible for maintaining it.

It was a "homeowners rule" to keep the grass less than 4 inches tall.

The association fees took care of all the common areas.

I didn't own a lawn mower.

I used a weed waker but could have just used a pair of scissors (if I had the time).

At one of the homeowners meetings Rudy handed out photographs.

He had gone around to everyones front lawns (the 6 X 6 lawns), placed a ruler in the ground, and gotten down on the ground to take Polaroids to report (embarrass) on folks whose grass was taller than 4 inches.

I was guilty.

Mine checked in at 4 and 1/4 inches.

Thanks Rudy (part 1).

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