Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mine for 6 months

Mr R., a 74 year old,  comes to Florida, from up north, every October (and stays for about 6 months).

He is a wonderful man (I'm not kidding...once you get to know him).

He's a wonderful man that's also cantankerous (I'm sure he would agree).

I'm his primary care physician while he's here.

He recently called (he'd been back in Florida for three days).

I was out of practice, in terms of how to deal with him, since I hadn't seen him for the previous 6 months.

My Nurse: Mr. R. is on the phone and demands to be seen. He says it's an emergency. He also wants you to know he had a bad summer due to the earthquake and hurricane Irene. He says he should have never left Florida this year.

Me: OK, tell him to come right in. I'll be happy to see him.

A little while later...

My Nurse: He doesn't want to come in now, he wants to come tomorrow.

It obviously wasn't an emergency (now I'm starting to remember).

Me: OK, tell him to get here as early as possible so I can see him before other scheduled patients arrive.

A little later...

My Nurse: He doesn't want to come early in the morning. He says he's not an early morning person and he told you that last year.

He's right, I do remember him telling me that last year.

Me: OK, tell him to come sometime during the day and I'll see him between patients with scheduled appointments.

A little later...

My Nurse: He says he won't come and just wait. He's afraid he'll catch something and get sick from all the other folks in the waiting room.

I'm now at full recall...he wants to be seen only when he wants to be could I have forgotten?

Me: OK, tell him to come at "lunch" when no other patients are scheduled.

That's what I did last year and it seemed to work.

A little later...

My Nurse: He says OK but feels bad you never get to eat lunch.

Me: Yeah, I'm sure he does.

Let's see, only about 5 and 1/2 more months to go (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about).

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