Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sure...I'll try to help

A male and his wife came in for an unscheduled visit.

They had a request.

The patient wanted me to write him a letter that stated he moved to Florida for health reasons after a heart bypass and that his wife resigned her job in order to accompany him to Florida. She was trying to claim unemployment benefits from the state they moved from.

When I inquired about having his physician up north write the letter, I was informed that the physician left his previous practice and no one knew how to get in touch with him (maybe he moved to Florida also).

When I inquired what "health reasons" were given for the reason for moving he let me know that he could exercise more due to the warmer weather and avoid the harsh winter climates (I guess I'll buy that).

The wife reported she wasn't going to claim unemployment benefits but she had no idea it would be so tough to find a job down here (I guess they didn't read the newspaper before moving about the record unemployment rates in Florida. Also another good reminder-don't quit/resign a job until you have another already lined up).

They were courteous and not demanding in their demeanor (that was a nice change).

I therefore wrote a very quick note along the lines of:

He was advised to move to Florida, by his former physician, to assist with his rehabilitation after his heart bypass and his wife therefore resigned her job to accompany him. Her presence here is helpful to assist in his emotional well being and with some IADL's (Instrumental activities of daily living).

I'm really not sure the unemployment bureau will accept the note but it was about the best I could do with the information gathered.

They seemingly left happy.

Another success story!

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