Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lets see...ah, no

A 56 year old male requested "a brief minute of time" in the middle of a hectic day.

He didn't have an appointment.

Patient: I just need a quick favor. I need you to write a note that says I was sick last week and that my son stayed home from college for the day to take care of me.

Me: Is everything all right?

Patient: He didn't go in for an exam because he didn't feel he was ready and now the professor is giving him a hard time because it was an unexcused absence. A bad grade would ruin his over all grade for the semester.

Me: Were you sick?

Patient: No, but could you just do this favor for me?

Me: Ah, no. Sorry I can't help your son. I would just tell him to tell the professor the truth and see if there are any extra projects or work he can do to make up for it. Anything else?

Patient: Nope.

As he left I couldn't help but wonder if he had a hidden tape recorder and was trying to catch me in an ethics violation.

My only other thoughts were:

1. My wife (a nurse practitioner) would be so proud of me because she does school based health and deals with school/test avoidance issues all year long.

2.  Are you kidding me!

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