Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letting it go

I've been holding on to my YMCA coaching polo shirt.

I couldn't get myself to throw it away.

Years ago, it was white.

Over the years it became sort of a whitish-yellow with many visible stains.

It lasted through coaching multiple baseball, soccer, volleyball, flag football and basketball teams.

My daughter stopped doing "Y" teams a few years ago when she became an equestrian, but my son continued, even while playing for his school and club sport teams.

We had some terrible, mediocre and excellent seasons record wise.

ALL were successful, however,  in terms of skill development, as well as trying to instill a love of sports for the kids on my teams.

My son's last basketball season (that concluded this past August), ended with him scoring a basket with one second left in the championship game to complete an undefeated season.

The oldest "Y" league goes up to age 16.

He just turned 17.

Time to move on.

It was time to let my shirt go.

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