Monday, October 10, 2011

The unabomber

Mr. D. is a very nice 81 year old man.

He's had a nickname, in our office, for the last year however.

He still carries a briefcase with him everywhere he goes.

Instead of wearing a watch he carries an old fashioned alarm clock.

He always arrives very early for his appointments.

Last year he came in for an appointment that was scheduled a few hours after fasting blood work was done.

Because his briefcase is heavy and because he's very trusting, he placed his briefcase, with the alarm clock duct taped to it, in the corner of our waiting room while he went over to the next building to get something to eat.

He didn't tell any staff members that he left it there.

Another patient, in the waiting room, noticed it while reading a magazine.

I wasn't aware of the commotion taking place.

By the time Mr. D. returned to our office, the local police were just about to call in the bomb squad.

Mr. D. felt bad.

Since then he's had his new nickname.

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