Monday, October 17, 2011

An impressive specimen

Mr. S. is an amazingly spry 87 year old male.

He's not on medications, is cognitively intact, walks unaided and is still the lead vocalist for an oldies band.

My nurse recently placed a sticky note on his chart for me to see before I went into the exam room.

It stated, "87 y/o, WOW!"

I decided to have some fun with it.

Me (after entering the exam room): My nurse is pretty impressed by you. Look at this note she put on your chart. Before we start, I need to know, did she try and put some moves on you?

Mr. S.: Oh no...I'm still the one who chases the girls...I just can't catch them anymore (he laughed).

Me: Do you have a lady friend currently?

Mr. S.: You bet. I stopped looking for the young women 'cause they're looking for the same thing I'm looking (he laughed again). I have a nice companion for the last few years and she's still a young thing...only 73 years old.

After we had finished I told my nurse about showing him the note.

My Nurse: I did tell him that he was an impressive specimen.

Me: Just how much of a nursing exam did you do?

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