Sunday, October 16, 2011

Youth b-ball coaching tip

Quick tip for coaching youth basketball:

Don't over coach.

Watch teenagers when they play a pick up game.

They set picks for each other, pass the ball to an open man, fast break, and even more importantly, look to shoot and take the ball to "the hole (the basket)."

Watch teenagers when they are over coached, told to run only set plays and pulled out of a game when they make a mistake.

They become robotic, paralyzed by over thinking and even worse, are afraid to shoot and to take the ball to the hole, even when they have an unimpeded path to the basket.

Teach skills, good spacing on the court and some basic plays, for when needed, and then let them scrimmage, scrimmage, scrimmage.

While they are scrimmaging sit back, shut up and watch.

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