Friday, October 7, 2011

Frequent flyer

Mr. T., an 81 year old, comes to our office, unannounced, approximately 1-3 times a week.

He navigates the public bus system to get here.

He ambulates with the assist of a cane only.

He has all our contact numbers to call for triage advice but always chooses to just come in.

He does have very mild cognitive impairment and is followed by a memory disorder specialist and a psychologist as well.

He's completely compliant with his medications and lives with his two sons.

He'll come in for colds, transient-fleeting headaches, skin tears, a splinter in his finger, an isolated, slightly elevated home blood pressure reading, etc., etc..

Most recently he came in due to a disturbing dream.

I was able to obtain his records from his previous health care facility and this has been his modus operandi for many years.

He usually just needs a brief physical exam and reassurance and heads home satisfied and thankful.

When my nurse noticed he was in again she said, "Mr. T. hadn't been in for awhile. Where has he been?"

My only reply was, "you missed his last three visits because you were on vacation last week for your son's wedding."

She smiled and so did I.

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