Thursday, October 13, 2011

My two favorite stop smoking stories

#1. The pastor of our church let us know he tried to quit smoking while in Seminary school in Ohio. He spent many weekends, while in school, filling in for pastors, in various parts of the state, who were away on vacation. He reports driving down the highway on his way to preach while asking GOD to take away his urge to smoke. He would crumple up the pack in his possession and throw it out the window of the car. A short time later he would stop at a convenience store to buy a new pack. He reports there were partially full cigarette packs all over the highways of Ohio for a couple of years. He finally quit.

#2. My father in law reports that the last time he quit for three weeks he was just looking for an excuse to start again. He was hoping for some sort of tragedy to use as an excuse. Eventually, he started to even hope that an appliance would break, the roof would leak, anything. For three weeks nothing happened. Finally, he and my mother in law were going to go out to dinner together. He wanted to wear his favorite shirt and it was dirty. He got mad and had his excuse to re-start. He still smokes.

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