Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I can't drive anymore?

Obviously, most adults cannot fathom being questioned about their ability to drive safely.

It's stressful at any age, including the very elderly. "American life is built around the car. More than just getting around, driving has an emotional component. It represents competence, independence, and freedom."

Statistics confirm that the absolute number of accidents in the elderly is much lower than the younger population, but the percentage of accidents PER MILES DRIVEN is much greater.

Also it's hard to estimate the number of accidents that occur behind an impaired driver who continued on his/her way, unaware of the commotion that occurred behind him/her.

In Florida, to report a possibly impaired driver, go to the following website:

It's confidential.

"What happens when I send the report in to the department?
Reports are carefully screened by medical disability specialists and forwarded to investigators who work for the department. These investigators make contact with the driver and submit reports on their findings to the medical review section in Tallahassee. Investigators may interview family members, neighbors, or the driver’s physician as part of the investigation. As a result, drivers may be requested to submit a medical report from their physician, or they may be required to report to a driver license office for re-testing if necessary. If the investigator does not find any substance or validity to the complaint, no further action is taken."

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