Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A great gig at the time

In the late 1940's, Mr. F. was a teenager (he's now 79 years old).

He grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

He would ride his bicycle around town for hours everyday.

One day he stopped to try and look over a wall that surrounded a Mansion.

He was pretty sure it was the home of someone in the Mob.

"Hey kid," yelled a security guard, "come over here."

"I was always a pretty confident kid and I knew I hadn't done anything wrong," said Mr. F., "so I went on over instead of running away."

"Do me a favor," asked the security guard, "go pick me up a copy of the Daily News and the Daily Mirror and bring them back. Here's a dollar (both papers only cost 3 cents a piece)."

"I brought the papers back and he told me to keep the change. 94 cents! That was a lot of money for a kid back then. Hey mister, I asked the guard, do you want me to bring you the papers tomorrow? For about the next year and a half I made almost 5 dollars a week. I didn't tell any of my friends. They just thought it was always great I  had some change and could occasionally buy them a piece of candy."

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