Sunday, July 29, 2012

What second stop?

We went on two more college tours recently for our son who is entering his senior year of high school.

Both are highly rated private colleges with a tuition in the $50,000/year range.

Both had an information session, by an admissions counselor, prior to the tour.

At the first stop, the admissions counselor made a comment along the lines of, "from the minute your child steps foot on this campus, he/she will have a faculty adviser assigned to assist in helping your child determine an area of interest, through course analysis and personality testing, so that he/she will have a career path in mind after the first year of study and to make sure he/she will graduate within 4 years."

At the second stop, the admissions counselor made a comment along the lines of, "we're a liberal arts college. Students need to explore their inner feelings here in depth. We encourage them to take a smattering of courses, take reduced hours if stressed-out, take a semester off if needed, experiment with different paths of study, take a broad spectrum of courses for the joy of learning...most will not graduate within 4 years, but that's OK. They should take as long as they need to find themselves."

On returning home, my wife and I made a pact to never mention the second school out loud ever again. We will also be keeping an eye out to get rid of any correspondence (snail mail or e-mails) from the school who must not be named (for the Harry Potter fans).

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