Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A pleasant surprise

I've been to a lot of incredibly beautiful Assisted Living Facilities (ALF's) in which the residents, I was visiting, spent the whole time complaining about the facility.

Yesterday, I drove to an ALF I had never previously visited.

It seemed old and fairly plain on the outside and the grounds were neat but by no means as glitzy and fancy as most.

Mr.and Mrs. O. (85 and 82 years old) have lived there for over a year.

They could not stop talking about how happy they were.

Here are just a few of their unsolicited comments:

"The staff is always respectful and friendly"

"They always go out of their way to assist and help whenever asked"

"The food is great"

"We could not be happier here"

It sure was a pleasant surprise. It's the old, "you can't judge a book by the cover."

You notice I haven't revealed the name of the facility. I don't want the word to get around in case my wife and I need a spot there in about thirty years!

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