Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bad timing

I knew the President was scheduled to be in town yesterday (for a rally speech at Rollins College).

The local newspaper and news show reported "some streets will close temporarily for the President's motorcade."

(The motorcade has two parts: the first is the secure package-usually 2 limousines that are heavily guarded by local law enforcement and the secret service (all cars are driven by professional drivers) and the second part-vans that transport White House staff members and select members of the press, vans for communications, an ambulance and additional police vehicles)

I was out making home visits.

I was approximately ten miles from Rollins College but when I left one home to go to another, ALL the streets in the vicinity were shut down (I was ten miles from Rollins College, but was only about 3 miles from the executive airport where he had flown into bad!).

I tried multiple short cuts and alternative routes but to no avail.

I finally settled in and spent 50 minutes sitting in my car waiting for the motorcade to appear and to pass (a police presence precedes the beginning of the presidential motorcade to clear the way and to block traffic).

I came across some previous articles on the Presidential motorcade. One stated, "it's exciting when you spot a motorcade, but once the initial thrill is gone, well, you find yourself cursing the motorcade's existence as you wait for the long flow of vehicles to pass by."

I can confirm that this is a true statement.

On further reflection, however, given the evil presence in the world, I wouldn't want it any other way. I spent the rest of the day behind schedule but had a good excuse.

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