Monday, August 27, 2012

A full day of activities

I recently went to see a patient who was living in an Assisted Living Facility.

In many locations, around the facility, they had the weekly activity calendar.

I grabbed one on my way out.

Here's a sampling of just one day's activities (this is from a Tuesday). I added my thoughts in the ( )'s:

8 AM: Car Detailing (I wonder if folks without a car can join in?)
9 AM: Blood Pressure Checks in the Activity Room (I wonder if they'll be doing an activity at the same time?)
9:30 AM: Coffee Social (it's good to wait until after the blood pressure check)
9:45 AM: Aqua Fitness with Mindy-meet at the pool (good thing they clarified "the pool"-someones tub might have been crowded)
10:30 AM: Stretch and Flex with Myriam-Dining Room 2 (I guess Mindy is still water-logged)
11 AM: Meeting for Residents with Power Chairs (sort of sounds exclusionary to me unless it's just to discuss all the scuff marks on the walls)

1 PM: Wii Bowling with Myriam (seems like a reasonable post-lunch activity)
2 PM: Yahtzee with Myriam (I love Yahtzee!)
2:30 PM: Scrabble with Merry K (can folks with dementia bring a dictionary?)
3 PM: Dominoes with Merry K (sounds like fun!)
3:30 PM: Jackpot Bingo with Myriam (1. Myriam's a busy lady! and 2. what's the jackpot?)
4 PM: BYOB (bring your own booze or own body?)
6:15 PM: Bridge (I sort of remember Bridge games causing some arguments for my parents and their friends from years ago--->see 7 PM activity)
7 PM: Bible Study (to give thanks for the day and to ask for forgiveness for any arguments that may have occurred during the days activities)

Man, I'm ready for bed...what about you?

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