Thursday, August 23, 2012

My blogic entry for the day

Why have the terms telephonic and telephonically become so popular?

It initially annoyed me (I'm often easily annoyed) but, like most other things that bother me, I'm getting used to it.

"I will get in touch with them today telephonically," announces a co-worker.

"I had a telephonic consult today with the nephrologist,"says one of the nurse practitioners I work with.

"If he doesn't answer the e-mail I sent shortly, I'll try to get in touch with him telephonically," says an office assistant.

Even the sports radio talk show I listen to every morning has a "telephonic coordinator."

I admit that it does sound like a more prestigious position than "telephone answering dude."

It's amazing to think that all the telephone needed was either an "ic" or an "ically."

Maybe, in a few years, others means of communication will join in?

We could send an e-mailic to each other or communicate e-mailically.

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