Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'll assume they might

My son goes to college next year; my daughter the year after.

"During the first few weeks of college, students, especially freshman, are at highest risk of alcohol-related harm. We see a spike then because anxiety is high, and the rigor of course work hasn't yet taken hold," said Michael Cleveland, researcher at Penn State's Prevention Research Center.

"Every year, college drinking leads to 1,825 deaths among students age 18-25, according to the college task force report to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Drinking also contributes to 599,000 injuries, 696,000 assaults and 97,000 cases of date rape on college campuses each year."

Man...those are some scary statistics, especially for parents who were sure an alcohol related incident would never involve their child. I can't imagine their grief if/when they have to attend their child's funeral...every parents worst nightmare.

I've got great kids who have made great choices to date. However, I won't pretend that they won't possibly experiment some while in college. I'll emphasize that if they do, I just hope (and pray) they will do it responsibly.

I'd rather assume they might and be wrong, than to assume they won't and be wrong!

Reference: Drinking Spikes As Freshman Taste Freedom At College-the Orlando Sentinel

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