Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maybe she's too worried about her diet?

Recently saw this post, from a friend, on Facebook. While I suspect the author found the worst possible photo of Gillian McKeith (maybe someone snapped the picture immediately after she underwent a colonic irrigation?), it's still sort of an amusing short piece that promotes dialogue.

Some time back I read about folks who practiced a VERY RESTRICTED calorie diet. They hypothesize that they will live longer (we know calorie restricted laboratory rats do live longer). Only problem to date has been the markedly increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures and a markedly decreased libido (sexual drive). That sure sounds like a great way to spend your extra days on earth!

My recommendations for diet tends to be the same as I try to practice everyday-moderation (although I'll be the first to admit I've gone overboard in the past on things like my Oreo consumption).

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