Sunday, March 3, 2013

Young at heart

Mr. C. is 92 years old.

He lives on the 6th floor of a senior living complex.

He seems like an amazingly sociable man but reports spending most the time alone in his apartment.

The facility has a lot of activities planned but he rarely takes part.

"Everyone is just so old," he says.

I jokingly remind him of his own age.

He clarifies, "everyone just acts and thinks so old. Age is just a number. I'm just tired of people spending all their time talking about how bad things are compared to how they used to be and about all their ailments and upcoming doctors appointments. It's depressing."

My mother thinks the same way. It's why she says she will never consider moving to a retirement community.

If there was a senior complex that had rules concerning not "acting old," both Mr. C. and my mother might be much happier.

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