Sunday, March 10, 2013

All smiles

Mr. S. is 92 years old and very dependent on his wife of over 40 years for his care.

It was a second marriage for both.

She's about thirty years younger.

I commented that she's doing an amazing job of caring for him.

She responded, "He was in his 50's and I was in my 20's when we met. I had a three year old boy and a good for nothing husband who was a womanizer. I prayed to GOD and said if you can help me find a man to love me and help raise my boy I will be a great wife. He's a beautiful man and he gave us a beautiful life. I'm so thankful. I will do anything for him. All I can do is give him my enduring thanks and loyalty."

Mr. S. grinned and whispered something. I asked him to repeat what he had said. "My first wife never smiled, so the first time I saw her big smile I knew I wanted her in my life." He smiled.

She smiled also.

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