Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lucky #9

Mr. R. is now blind due to end stage glaucoma.

He's hoping he can still find a way to get to and from church.

He's a Pentecostal.

He let me know that his gift is the interpretation of tongues.

I always wondered how that worked.

He filled me in. He works in tandem with those who possess the gift of "diver kinds of tongues." Without tongues there's no need for interpretation. His gift gives him the ability to interpret tongues. It's the spirit who gives interpretation of the tongues.

The nine gifts are 1. the word of wisdom 2. the word of knowledge 3. faith 4. gifts of healing 5. the working of miracles 6. prophecy 7. discerning of spirits 8. diver kinds of tongues and 9. the interpretation of tongue.

I plan to have our social worker assist in helping to identify transportation possibilities if his church isn't able to help.

Without #9, you can't really have #8. I also hope he's good friends with anyone who possesses gift #4 &/or #5.

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