Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our dogs re-birth

Everyone in our neighborhood thinks we have a new puppy.

Our Dog, Bailey, is a ten year old beagle.

For the last few years, up until recently, she had been sleeping 21 hours a day, lost all the hair on her tail, had recurrent skin infections and pretty much declined to take any walks (she would just lie down in the yard and refuse to move).

We had an extensive evaluation a few years ago, when these symptoms started, and was given a diagnosis of "lameness."

Recently she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started on medication.

A thyroid test had not been done in the past.

Now that she has settled into her dose, she has lost weight, her hair has grown back and she's back running non stop laps around the living room couch.

It's been pretty cool to see.

Maybe we should just tell folks  she's only 7 years old since she spent the last three years in hibernation.

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