Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Boy

I came across an article from a Pediatric Journal.

Parents were asked to rate various terms used by healthcare professionals in discussing their child's "weight problem."

"Chubby," "fat," "extremely obese," and even "obese" were considered unfavorable.

The preferred and most motivating terms (to promote weight loss) were "unhealthy weight" and "overweight."

It pretty much goes without saying that some other descriptive terms including "chunky," "rotund," "pot belly," "hefty," "love handles," "spare tire," "fat boy," or "muffin top" would not be acceptable as well.

The article said nothing about the parents preference for terms to describe themselves because, as is often said, the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree.

Although a formal study has not been done, I suspect it would still be best to just say "unhealthy weight" and "overweight" for women.

Speaking as an overweight man, however, I take no offense to being called "Husky," "Big Man" or my personal favorite, "Burly."

Go ahead, try it...I'm sure I'll even smile right back at you.

I very motivated to lose weight but I have this one problem...I love to eat and my wife is a great cook!

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