Sunday, May 20, 2012

No falling leaves

An assisted living facility has the following information on their website:

"The staff is dedicated to serving residents in the autumn of their lives with dignity and grace."

I wasn't exactly sure what that meant so I investigated a little more.

The Autumn of life is a metaphor which likens ones' life "to the season when the time for planting, growing and flowering is over, when the temperature begins to drop and the days become shorter. The leaves on the trees drop and the natural world edges toward dormancy. It's the time when ones' death is closer than ones' birth."

Now that's an effective metaphor!

It replaces about 50 words with a mere 5.

Since I would like to avoid a long care facility in my later years, when the time comes, I'll need to try and fool those around me that I'm still in the spring of my life, even if it means super-gluing the leaves in place.

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