Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A bothersome leak

We had an interesting discussion today on a patient.

He was a 90 year old who had been given a penile C-clamp by his urologist for urinary leakage and dribbling.

I had no idea such a device even existed (but it makes perfect sense that it would)!

The only problem was that he also had some memory impairment and went almost a full day without removing the clamp (folks are normally instructed to remove the clamp and let the urine drain from the bladder every 2-4 hours).


After a quick investigation, I not only came across penile C-clamps but also J-clamps,  the "Dribblestop", the Drip collector and the Manhood Absorbent Pouch. I was surprised to see that no one seems to be advertising the use of a cork!

Below is just one of the many medical supply stores selling these medieval torture instruments, I mean medical devices:

Men, if you're worried a disgruntled partner might use such a device on you while sleeping, immediately delete this post!

Other than the manly sounding (and painless appearing) Manhood Absorbent Pouches, I think I'll just stick with "Depends" if/when the time comes.

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