Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm a believer

I've been having neuropathic quality symptoms (burning, pins and needles, shooting pains) in the distribution of the radial nerve in my left arm for MANY months.

I started with an orthopedic consultation.

I then had an emg/nerve conduction test of my left arm and an MRI of my elbow (a common site for the radial nerve to be entrapped).

I then had a neurology consultation.

I was referred for an MRI of my neck and my head.

All the tests were inconclusive and luckily, nothing incidental (an abnormal finding that has nothing to do with what was being looked for) was found.

The orthopedist wanted to operate.

The neurologist wanted me to take medication.

While trying to decide what to do I decided to go to the "Massage Envy" near our home.

After the 1st massage, my arm was at least 50% better.

I've had three additional massages (one a month for the last 4 months) and my arm is now about 80-90% improved.

I'm sold (I even signed up for one massage/month for the next year).

Total charges to date for my medical evaluations: almost $8000.00

Total charges for my 4 massages: $196.00

It might not work for everybody, but it has for me.

Gee...I wonder what I could have done with the extra $7800.00?

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