Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just 6 tasty steps

Mr. D. is an amazing 63 year old who had a stroke almost one year ago.

He has made great progress but continues to have trouble swallowing and has had a gastric tube in place for sometime now.

His last swallow study still revealed small amounts of aspiration, so he has been instructed (by a speech therapist) on the Super Supra-Glottic Swallow maneuver to improve airway protection during swallowing.

Here are the 6 steps (I'm not kidding...these are the exact instructions):

1. Take a deep breath and hold it very tightly
2. Take a bite of food or sip of liquid
3. Bear down while continuing to hold your breath
4. Swallow hard with greater effort than usual while continuing to hold your breath and bear down
5. Cough when breathing out
6. Breathe

Believe it or not, its been effective.

I give him all the credit in the world.

I'm fairly certain the same instructions could also constitute a pretty good way to lose weight.

Maybe I should give it a try!

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