Thursday, January 12, 2012

The patch tells all

It's the time of the year in Florida when we start to have a few cold snaps (by the way, who ever came up with the term "cold snap?") and I get to wear my Levi's (when not at work).

Usually (when not at work), I just wear shorts.

As you know, Levi's have a patch on the back that lists the waist size and length.

Mine says, "38 waist, 34 length."

I usually keep my shirt untucked for comfort. It also prevents folks from reading my measurements.

But I'll admit, however, that whenever I'm standing behind a patient listening to his lungs, who happens to be wearing Levi's, I usually check the patch out.

Sometimes it's depressing.

Especially, when the person is fairly obese and his patch reads "38 waist, 34 length."

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