Friday, January 13, 2012

A better perspective

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately.

I've been having a problem with my left forearm for about 4 months.

It's the same arm I fractured (non-displaced radial head fracture) a few years ago, had carpal tunnel surgery two years ago and recurrent olecranon bursitis for more than the last year.

Now I have a condition called radial tunnel syndrome.

The radial nerve is being compressed and sends shooting pains and an electrical shock sensation from my elbow to my hand, in the distribution of the nerve, FREQUENTLY throughout the day (and night).

I'm 52.

I saw a 50 year old male today who needed emergency cardiac bypass surgery this past July. The post operative course was complicated by a cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia.

Now, almost 6 months after the event, he remains in need of total nursing care. He occasionally grunts, is fed through a gastric tube and has significant upper and lower extremity contractures.

After seeing him I realized that although my left arm is still a problem, I'm not feeling sorry for myself any longer.

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