Sunday, January 15, 2012

An altered sense of time

A 66 year old male returned for a follow-up appointment.

He wanted me to know that, although he was feeling better (with the treatment I began for prostatitis), he was upset it took so long for the urology consult (that he insisted upon). He said the 4 weeks delay was unacceptable.

I saw him on April 4th. He saw the urologist on April 13 (same month, same year...9 days)!

I decided to just quickly acknowledge that I was glad he was feeling better and not make an issue over his exaggeration. I also decided not to remind him the urologist did not add anything to the treatment regimen I had started (I had already received the consult note).

I had other patients to see.

Besides, I'm sure the 9 days felt like 4 weeks.

Feeling poorly can do that.

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