Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A bedtime tale

A colleague told me about one of her patients.

The patient has advanced physical and cognitive impairments, despite still being relatively young (63 years old).

His wife declined a hospital bed for him.

She stated when she and her husband were in their bed together, with the lights out, that it was the only time things felt "back to normal and the way they used to be, before he got sick."

What an awesome statement!

Later, however, I chuckled thinking about what my wife would say.

I suspect she would love for me to sleep in my own bed and possibly, even in another room.

Many mornings she informs me that my snoring, thrashing about, getting up to go to the bathroom or accidentally whacking her with one of my wrist splints interrupted her sleep.

But maybe, just maybe, she would actually miss all that...probably not!

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