Monday, January 23, 2012

No peach for him

An elderly male was annoyed that the wrong "Depends" had been delivered to his home.

He had called in a couple of weeks prior, requesting to have an order, so a medical supply company could send him a three month supply.

He asked for the largest and widest available (he was a big man).

A colleague looked through the list of available offerings and ordered the "XL WMS" for him, thinking it stood for Extra-Large Wide Men's.

The XL was for a 200-300 pound individual with a 48-64 inch waist (he met these measurements).

Unfortunately, the WMS was an abbreviation for "Women's."

Almost 300 Women's Depends were delivered to his home.

He was not pleased.

He declined to even try on a pair to see if they might fit. They were even "maximally absorbent!"

They also had a notice on the front of each package announcing their "soft peach color."

He let me know he had spent the last 72 years wearing only men's garments and was not about to change!

A few calls were made and I assured him the problem would be rectified.

I just hope they're a more manly color (because I suspect otherwise they would be pretty much indistinguishable)!

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