Monday, January 9, 2012

Mr. C's Canes

Mr. C., a 93 year old, was an amazing woodworker in his younger days.

His home is home, to many of his amazing creations, including a couple hundred hand carved canes.

The canes are everywhere-up on the walls on hooks, in the corners of many rooms, and in large umbrella holders.

The handles are all different!

He hasn't made any for a few years, but the time and precision he put in to each one is very evident.

He plans to donate them to a veteran's organization to give to those in need and/or to use as a fundraiser.

He doesn't talk, or smile, much these days but this small part of his legacy will live on, in the hands of many others, for years to come.

I caught a glimpse of a smile when his wife and son told me about the "cane plan (the plan for the canes)."

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