Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A lot can change

Mr. O, an 88 year old, and his 90 year old wife have lived in their beautiful home for the last ten years.

They downsized from a 4000 square foot home to a 2500 square foot home, ten years ago, but now it's too much house and they are looking to sell and move to an ALF.

In retrospect, they wish they would have done this ten years ago at age 78 and 80, respectively.

A lot has changed over the last decade.

He is now legally blind.

Her arthritis progressed and she is now quite impaired functionally.

Finally, their oldest daughter, who was living with them, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died.

They are saddened by the events but remain incredibly resilient.

They wish, but know they can't, turn back the clock of time.

They urge others to do a better job of planning for the future in their latter years.

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